Paving Project Near Completion in Luzerne County

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A project to pave Route 309 from the Wilkes-Barre area to the Mountain Top area that began this summer is finally nearing completion.

This week, crews are working overnight to finish paving this stretch.

The contractor started the job over the summer.

For months, drivers have complained the road was left in rough shape, uneven and unpaved.

"It was so bumpy, my car, I actually had to get work done on my car for suspension because of it,” said Cheyenne Fetchik of Wilkes-Barre.

"I never got a flat, but it did put a minor hole in my tire that I do have to get the tire filled occasionally until I can afford a new tire now,” said Kim Brenner of Wapwallopen.

PennDOT officials said paving the part of Route 309 is part of a larger $4.5 million contract which includes work on other roadways.

PennDOT also said the contractor started work on Route 309 and then moved on to other parts of the contract.

"I thought they were going to finish it a little earlier, not wait two months!" said Dennis Bowker of Ashley.

The contractor plans to be finished paving the part of Route 309 in the next two weeks.

There have been delays due to rainy weather.

The work will occur in the overnight hours.

"I think it could have been done quicker, I mean you see a lot of roads that they tear up and they have paved and they look beautiful in no time,” said Brenner.

PennDOT officials said the contractor has until November 26 to finish all the contracted work and they said the work is on schedule.

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