Cemetery Floods in Heavy Rain

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PITTSTON, Pa. -- Part of Pittston Cemetery looked more like a lake in Thursday’s heavy rain.

Tombstones were just peaking out over the flood waters and bubbles were coming up from the ground.

People who live nearby said they’ve never seen it flood this bad.

“It's very disturbing and it's actually annoying for the area considering I live right here. I wish it didn't happen,” Jessica Nagurney said.

There are at least 30 graves underwater and those are just the ones we can see. Some people were buried as recently as 15 years ago.

“Makes you feel bad because that should be a sacred area and it's now becoming flooded,” Nagurney said.

This section of the cemetery is the only part that floods because it’s at the bottom of a steep hill.

“This happens every single time it rains. No matter when it is. This is just, what you see is what you get,” Pat Slempa said.

The flood water did go down as the day went on. You could tell from the water lines on the tombstones.

We reached out to the cemetery association to find out plans for cleaning it up. Our call wasn’t returned.

People who live nearby have faith it’ll be taken care of.

“I believe with the cemetery it should be resolved with the flooding,” Nagurney said.


  • Susan Dabbieri Baloga

    I have a question….do other cemeteries have areas of flooding? Many cemeteries have areas where water collect in certain areas. Ask any caretaker to any cemetery. Why is Pittston Cemetery being singled out? Yes the flooding is unfortunate and disturbing but it is caused by nature. Is that the fault of the cemetery? I have to say the the people currently in charge of the cemetery have done everything possible to keep the cemetery maintained and most of them have done this work out of the kindness of their heart because the financial funds are not even available. They have worked many hours to bring that back to respectable conditions where loved ones can visit. Even people of the community enjoy walking through something they couldn’t do years ago. So if you would like report facts then report this is a cause of nature and not the cemeteries incompetence. And acknowledge the fact that Pittston Cemetery came along way the past few years because someone cared……Thank You Bob Ayers for doing what you do your heart is HUGE and I noticed!!!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!

    • Susan Dabbieri Baloga

      What I should have said was an act of God not nature. The act of God describes an event outside of human control or activity. It is usually a natural disaster, such as flood or an earthquake.

  • Ralph Turasky

    Why isn’t the Dept of Envirormental Protection involved? That area needs to be examined, and test need to be done. It should be classified as contaminated, untill deemed Safe. Embalming Fluid, Decompisition, and other chemicals post a Health Risk.

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