‘The Forgotten’ Author Comes to Luzerne County to Talk about Book

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The election of President Donald Trump was the impetus for a book by author Ben Bradlee Jr. called "The Forgotten."

Bradlee came to Luzerne County  Wednesday night to talk about the book with some of the voters who are profiled in it.

The book describes how disenfranchised voters in Luzerne County flocked to support Trump's 2016 campaign and how they ultimately led to his victory.

"That was the theme. Trump made them feel good about themselves. Hillary with that famous remark, remember the deplorables, she made them feel ashamed, so they went for Trump," Bradlee said.

Bradlee won a Pulitzer prize at the Boston Globe for supervising the team of reporters that uncovered sexual abuse by priests in the Boston archdiocese.

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  • holdencaulfieldisme

    “Disenfranchised voters” can’t vote for anyone. That’s what disenfranchisement means. If you’re referring to the victimization Republicans apply to themselves, that’s just nonsense. The GOP attempts to actually disenfranchise people in multiple states, ie Georgia and North Dakota. Spare me the “poor white conservatives” nonsense.

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