Hazing Allegations at Bloomsburg University

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BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- Fraternity and sorority houses line Lightstreet Road in Bloomsburg. This is the time of year when campus Greek organizations are busy recruiting new members, but officials at Bloomsburg University put a stop to that after hazing allegations recently surfaced.

"Really just to have an opportunity to do an external investigation so we can get to the bottom of what's going on," Dr. Dione Somerville said.

Dr. Dione Somerville is Vice President of Student Affairs at Bloomsburg University. She would not say which of the school's 25 fraternities and sororities are under investigation, or how broad the investigation is.

"The gravity of the allegations of which we were aware really led us to believe we needed to conduct an external investigation," Somerville said.

Because of the hazing allegations, all pledging and new member recruitment are on hold.

"It's kinda frustrating because it's like the whole Greek life is kinda halted and no one knows what's going on," Josh Hurley said.

Josh Hurley is a senior at Bloomsburg University and a brother at Sigma Iota Omega. He tells Newswatch 16 he does not know of any hazing at Bloomsburg. The fraternities and sororities were in the middle of pledging and told to stop.

"It's kind of frustrating for everybody because we didn't do anything wrong, so why do we have to be put on hold for this?" Hurley asked.

Bloomsburg University officials say the investigation into the hazing allegations hasn't started yet, and they are not sure how long it will last. Fraternities and sororities can resume pledging once the investigation is finished.


  • WNEPMonitor (@WnepM)

    These organizations just need to be shut down. They have been a hotbed of criminal activity, alcohol-related injury and death, and public disturbances for years. They offer NOTHING to the University beyond some nebulous “tradition”.

    • whyareyoulying

      First, I fully believe any individuals involved in the allegations above should be investigated for their actions. BUT, making false blanket stereotypes regarding the rest of the organizations does not solve the problem.

      Every year, these organizations provide an outlet for students to grow professionally while also integrating themselves within the community. Every year, these organizations accumulate thousands of hours in community service hours while also creating and participating in various fundraisers for cancer, mental illness, homelessness and more along the side of other students. Simply ignoring the actual positive effects of these organizations does more harm than good.

      Help create a solution, don’t fear monger just because you have a lack of perspective.

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