Art and Coffee Go Together in Pottsville

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- It was an overcast day in Pottsville as the October sun remained tucked behind the clouds. But inside Sage Coffee House and Tea Garden on North Centre Street in Pottsville, vivacious colors are always on display, regardless of the weather.

"I think that you can really convey things through art a lot of times and get a feeling for something that maybe was hard to have in words," said owner Jenn Raess.

Raess has lived in Pottsville her entire life and has owned Sage since 1999. On the walls inside hangs a multitude of paintings done by local artists from Schuylkill County. Each month, the paintings and artists change, giving many local painters a place to display and sell their work.

"It's important. It's things that kids don't see on a regular basis. Especially now, where art is coming out of schools, it's important to keep it on a community level that everyone can come and enjoy it," Raess said.

"I just think it's great. There's a lot of local people who do this. There's a lot of artists in the area and I think they should be exposed and this gives them the exposure," said Pottsville resident Gary Walters.

On the main floor of the shop, there are more than 40 pieces of art by local artist Dawn Liddick. And if you go upstairs, there are more treasured pieces of art from legendary Pottsville artist Dave Naydock.

"I think it's awesome. We try to come down once a week and support local businesses. That's why we come to local restaurants. It's awesome she can do this for local artists because where else would they get exposure other than this? I think it's pretty cool," said Sarah Siro.

"You can get lunch here, you can get breakfast here. You can come and support them, pop one off the wall and take one home," Michael Siro said.

See more of Dawn Liddick's artwork here.

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