Future of Tremont Free Public Library in Question

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TREMONT, Pa. -- For weeks, signs have been posted throughout Tremont about a public meeting to discuss the fate of the borough's free public library on Pine Street.

Board members voted last week to keep the library open until at least the end of the year.

"I like it," Miguel Gonzalez of Tremont said. "It's good. It's convenient. They have everything. Easy to find stuff and they have the computers. You can do online research in there, outside from the books."

The library cited financial problems and a lack of community involvement as reasons for its uncertain future. Those who live here say it's been a tough go the last few months, given this area was flooded severely over the summer and now this.

"It'd be pretty disappointing," Justin Cooper of Tremont said. "You'll see a lot more kids out on the streets rather than sitting in there. They can go in, rent movies, video games, books. It's real convenient, right up the road there."

One woman from the area says during this digital age she and many others access information through their phones. Hearing the fate of the library is in jeopardy doesn't come as much of a shock.

"Especially for such a small area," Kaytlyn Frew of Tremont said. "I could see in a bigger town or city. More people would use it that don't have the means to use a computer or whatever, but in a small town like this, it doesn't surprise me. It's unfortunate."

The library even had to cut down on its Thursday evening hours, and its future beyond the end of this year is in question.

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