Attempted Carjacking at Grocery Store in the Poconos

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A man fought back and foiled a carjacking in the Poconos. It happened Friday night in a store parking lot near Bartonsville.

Police arrested Travis Koehler, 34, from Gilbert. Investigators say he asked a customer for help then attempted to get into his car. According to a police report, Koehler hit and threatened the man with an airsoft pistol. The victim was able to fight Koehler off.

Steven Jennings from Stroudsburg shops at the Giant grocery store near Bartonsville once a week. He was surprised when he learned there was an attempted carjacking there on Friday night.

"When we first moved here it was just a quiet place, and you didn't read about shootings, knifing, carjackings," said Jennings.

"We have to very carefully watch what we are doing and be aware," said Bonnie Krieger, Kunkeltown.

Shoppers we spoke to say it's sad to hear that crimes like this are happening more often.

"There was a bomb scare the other day. It's getting close to the city. It's like the city is coming here, and that is what's happening. You just have to deal with it," said Cliff Schwacke, Stroudsburg.

Police say Koehler ran away and the victim went into Giant to get help.

Koehler was later found and arrested.

"I come here maybe two or three times a week to just get out and get around. If it happens, God bless them because then they will have to deal with me," said Schwacke.

Travis Koehler is locked up at the Monroe County Correctional Facility and is scheduled to be back in court later this month.


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