Video Honors Victims of Overdose

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Remembering those who lost their battle with addiction was the message at Lackawanna College in Scranton.

People gathered Sunday for the release of a video honoring people who have died from overdose.

The video was the idea of Mary Ann Oliveri, who lost her daughter Sarah in 2017. Oliveri worked with local filmmaker Markie Dennebaum, choreographer Jackie Mills, and producer Stacey Toy.

Those we spoke to said they hope this continues opening up a dialogue about addiction.

"When I first started in recovery, there wasn't as much conversation, and there was more shame around the topic. I feel like the more we talk about it, the more comfortable people will get talking about it," said Meghan Fink of Scranton.

The video can be seen here.


    • Rusty Knyffe

      Naw……alcoholism isn’t “blameless” like “opioid” addiction is. You see, it’s the fault of the doctors, not of those that chose to steal mommy’s, daddy’s, grandfolks’, neighbors’ medications to catch a buzz. (note the dripping sarcasm)

      I feel terrible for the surviving family members of the “fallen” because they know the truths of their loved ones’ addictions. They know how far their departed family member (or, friend) went to get their hands on some drugs, and we don’t hear a single peep about the facts of addiction.

      • jsrant

        You still have a choice not to take the drugs that are prescribed. You can ask for a lesser or different prescription. It all starts with you, the person taking the drug.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    People who knowingly choose to indulge in street drugs that have been cut with fentonyl are not heroes. They are not people to “honor.” They should be glaring tales of what happens, boys and girls, when we play stupid games. When we play stupid games, we win stupid prizes.

    • jsrant

      Your right, we should keep telling people how much of a looser they were to get hooked on drugs and killing themselves. You want to play, you pay.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      Heroes of what, or how? Shining examples of what not to do with your life? Real heroes actually do something good for their community. Junkies OD and die.

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