Elementary School Gets Facelift

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- An elementary school in Pottsville in need of some upgrades got a much-needed facelift.

It was all hands on deck in making upgrades both inside and outside of John S. Clarke Area Elementary Center in Pottsville.

Volunteers made sure the playground platforms were sturdy and the walls outside classrooms had a new coat of paint.

"It was beginning to show a lot of signs of wear and tear," said Pottsville Area School District Superintendent Jeffrey Zwiebel.

Pottsville school officials say the old equipment was more than 20 years old, and they were very grateful for all the volunteers helping them install new equipment.

"The kids really look forward to recess. It is the highlight of their day, so that they are getting a new playground is awesome because the one that was here was the one that was here when I was in elementary school," said parent Wendy Howells.

More than 100 volunteers got in the mix as part of Wells Fargo Bank Signature Day of Caring.

Through donations, school officials are able to complete the project which would cost around $70,000.

Kalib and William Murphy are really excited for the new playground.

"I love it, and it is really important for our children to see that, and I hope it motivates more community members," Zwiebel added.

When students come to John S. Clarke Elementary Center, it'll have a newer look. School officials hope that will improve learning, and in turn, make learning fun.