Campaigns on Both Sides Expect Kavanaugh Confirmation Will Bring out Voters

STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- Volunteers canvassing for candidates in the upcoming midterm elections hit the streets in Stroudsburg Saturday to speak with potential voters about next month's election.

Volunteers from both sides of aisle tell Newswatch 16 Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court is a topic of conversation as they go door to door.

Cynthia Crowner of Stroudsburg has been canvassing in Monroe County since July. She says Judge Kavanaugh joining the Supreme Court brings out more volunteers.

"I've been reaching out to people to go canvass for Democratic candidates, and I discovered a whole lot of people had emailed me saying, 'When can I sign up?' So that was very encouraging," Crowner said.

Crowner and others aren't happy with the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, but she's looking ahead to the midterm elections hoping they go her way.

"I'm trying not to be upset about that and to really understand that there is a bigger picture. We still have the House of Representatives and the Senate in play, and that's very, very important."

"I would say anyone who is dissatisfied with how the Kavanaugh situation played out that they should come out and vote. It's the most important thing they can do," said Diane Aronson, Democratic volunteer.

Tammy Keener from Berks County was campaigning in Lackawanna County for a Republican candidate. She's also noticed an increase in volunteers out canvassing since President Trump nominated Kavanaugh.

"Left is out there, but I see more red blood coming out," said Keener.

Chase Yarns of Clarks Summit believes Kavanaugh's confirmation is a turning point for the Republican party.

"I think the Republican party is being unified now, but yeah, I think this is definitely going to get people out to vote," said Yarns.

Most midterm elections have lower voter turnout, but in this highly charged political season, Democrats and Republicans expect it to be a larger voter turnout than usual.


  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    No one will forget the obvious smear job the democrats and the now disgraced “Dr. Ford” (not even a licensed psychologist – she lied about that too) used on Justice Kavanaugh to no avail. Vote for them if you want more underhanded lies, higher taxes, illegal aliens over American citizens, more crime, and a lousy economy.

    Don’t Forget Brett

  • Jim Martin

    The democrats party of, crime, resistance, anarchy, hypocrisy are systematically being exposed by President Trump. Everyone I know is going to be waiting in line to vote.

  • straubdavid9

    As a life-long Conservative, I’ll be at the voting booth with bells on, waiting for them to open the door ~8^)

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