Intense Search for Missing Hunter Continues

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SULLIVAN COUNTY, Pa. -- The search for an 84-year-old hunter in Sullivan County has intensified.

More specialized teams have joined the many volunteers already searching some State Game Lands for three days.

Members of the Civil Air Patrol are experts in search and rescue missions. They spent hours along with volunteers from Sullivan County looking for 84-year-old Walter Booth.

Crews are combing through the woods in a grid pattern and suited up for the rough terrain on the state game lands in Sullivan County.

"We train in this, so we're used to it. We work to be able to do this kind of thing so it's not arduous when we get out here," Civil Air Patrol member Matt Chirik.

Civil Air Patrol crews began their day early in the morning and they're looking for any clues that might help.

"It could be something as small as disturbed brush, something they could've dropped out of their pocket, even something as small as lint," Chirik said.

Booth went missing on State Game Lands Tuesday night. Rescue crews believe he got caught in the severe weather that swept through our area.

Hundreds of volunteers from our area and crews from the Civil Air Patrol have covered more than 600 acres of land searching for Booth.

"It's interesting to see when things happen like this how people turn and help each other. It keeps the morale up for everybody," search incident commander John Yonkin said.

Officials say Booth was an experienced hunter with more than 30 years under his belt. Crews have two points of interest where his car was found and where he set up to hunt.

"It's tough to maintain those lines to go through and prosecute that search and make sure you're not missing anything and these kids are dedicated," said civil air patrol member James Weller.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    I guess my comment was flagged because I typed the word, “Bi-bli-cal,” in reference to summer flooding that changed the face of the region. LOVE that algorithm! So SJW, ya know.

  • lickerblisters

    Why are all the searchers wearing camouflage? I could understand if they’re wearing their cold weather hunting clothes but it hasn’t been cold. At least wear blue jeans, etc with the orange vests to be as visible as possible.

    • Anita K McCormick

      Civil Air Patrol, as the Volunteer United States Air Force Auxiliary, wear the Air Force uniform. Currently wearing the Woodland BDUs and transitioning to the Air Force ABUs. The safety vests are used for visibility.

      • lickerblisters

        What if the missing man can only see the searchers from the waist down? He won’t be able to see them because they’re camouflaged. If they are wearing blue jeans he could see them and call for help. I wonder how many times the searchers walked right past this guy but they looked like the surrounding vegetation.

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