Power To Save: Getting Ready for Home Heating Season

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- It may not feel like it now, but those earlier sunsets are a reminder that cooler temperatures are on the way, and with those cooler temps comes home heating season.

In this week's Power To Save segment, we talked to the experts about how you can save money on your home heating bill.

"It's very important for people, as we go into the heating season, to be both energy efficient and safe," said UGI media relations manager Joe Swope.

Swope recommends having a professional service your furnace before the home heating season starts.

"The cleaning will help make the furnace run more efficient. At the same time, the safety check will make sure that there isn't a potential for carbon monoxide or something else."

You can improve the efficiency of your furnace by replacing or cleaning the air filter.

"If you can't see through there, that's a pretty good indication that your filter needs to be replaced."

While you're still down in the basement, take a look at your water heater.

"Insulating that water heater can help keep the water hot and burn less fuel."

Another easy thing you can do is to eliminate the draft around doors and windows.

"Look around windows and doors and make sure they're sealed using caulking or whatever the case may be to eliminate cracks where air can come in," Swope advised.

One way to cut down on those home heating costs this season would be to turn down the temperature on your thermostat but an even better way is to pick up a thermostat that you can control right from your phone.

If you're a UGI customer and would like to schedule an energy audit of your home that could help lead you to additional savings, click here for more information.