Painting Downtown Stroudsburg for ESU Homecoming

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STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- Some East Stroudsburg University art students left the classroom and hit the streets of downtown Stroudsburg. Dozens of students are painting storefront windows during homecoming week.

"Our theme for this year is the 125th anniversary that the college has been open, which is really awesome. We had more freedom to do what we wanted to do," said junior Maria Castro.

The window painting is also part of a contest.

Castro picked Yard of Ale on Main Street as her backdrop.

"It's so cool. at first, I was kind of nervous because I was like, 'Oh, God everyone is going to see.' But to do it with more students makes it even more fun."

Some students we spoke to say this is a great way to showcase their artwork and brighten up downtown.

"Oh, it's very nice to be able to do this instead of being in the classroom," said senior Larane Reedy.

Reedy and Ryan Wenrich are painting the outside of Renegade Winery. They think their mural sticks out the most for more than just the big wine glass and bottle.

"I think ours is, it's free-handed. I think most people are using stencils and we are free-handing our entire portrait," Wenrich said.

East Stroudsburg University homecoming festivities run through Sunday.

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