New Yorkers Angry Over New Bagel Emoji

A new emoji is making some New Yorkers angry. The bagel emoji is the problem.

The pre-sliced bagel is shiny and perfectly round.

It looks like a frozen bagel. Which any true New Yorker will tell you is no relation to an actual New York bagel.

Others have noticed the bagel is dry, no cream cheese, lox or butter.

Some tweeted about how bagels are different on each coast.

There is no word yet from Apple on whether any adjustments will be made.

The company also released a llama, raccoon, frisbee and mosquito emojis, too.

Apple said it will likely add 70 new emoji for iPhone and iPad users later this month. Beta testers and developers who update to iOS 12.1 will see the new emoji starting Tuesday.

Beyond the new cute (and bloodsucking) animals, iOS 12.1 users will now be able to send a bagel, salt, luggage, compass, hiking boot, softball, frisbee, and an Asian-inspired Red Gift Envelope to friends and family.

On World Emoji Day in July, Apple previewed new options for bald and redheaded emoji characters, as well a lobster, cupcake, and superheroes. These emoji will also roll out to iOS 12.1.

The Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit organization that manages the world’s emoji standards, unveiled its latest list in February. Each company that uses emoji in their products puts their own spin on the tiny cartoons and picks which options from the master list to include.

The interpretations can lead to controversies, such as Google’s misplacement of foam on its beer emoji, and the tragic jumbling of ingredients on its hamburger emoji. Both have since been corrected.

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