Work Begins to Fix Solomon Creek Flood Wall

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- Work on the damaged Solomon Creek floodwall in South Wilkes-Barre began this week.

The damage to the wall has been a concern for people who live near it.

"The wall is a disaster," Cleveland Haynes of Wilkes-Barre said. "Let's hope they get it fixed soon because there are a lot of kids that come through here and we don't want no accidents."

All of the equipment was delivered to the site earlier this week.

"It's pretty exciting," Daisy Perea-Sosa of Wilkes-Barre said. "We don't have to worry about it anymore."

Wilkes-Barre city leaders said this is phase one of a project to fix up the whole flood protection area. Phase one includes reconstructing the wall, rerouting sewer lines and paving the road near that area. Phase two will involve adding a pumping station.

Phase one of the project will cost around $2.2 million. The project is being funded by several government grants.

"It's sort of a relief," Richard Williams of Wilkes-Barre said. "They've been trying to get at it for quite a few years, but money was tight."

Majority of phase one of the project will be finished before the winter. The rest will be completed by early next year.