Couple Thankful for Rescue from Soggy Situation

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WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A couple in Union County can't stop thinking about a kind deed a woman pulled off during flash flooding back in July.

Months later, they're still trying to figure out who the lady in the Jaguar was who lent a helping hand. And they just want to say thanks.

Peg and Allan Lynch of White Deer Township are a happily married couple who have spent several years traveling the country in their motorhome.

"It's been, really, quite the lifesaver. It's saved us a lot of money and kept us going and living together and we've really enjoyed it," Allan Lynch said.

That enjoyment turned to fear a few months ago.

"We were definitely sunk and going down in, so we tried to find the nearest towing facility that we could. They, of course, like everybody else, were backed up three, four hours," Peg Lynch recalled.

During a round of severe flash flooding that damaged many parts of our area in late July, the Lynches were staying in their motorhome at Riverbanks Campground near Danville. With the Susquehanna River rising fast on the morning of July 25, it was time to get out but the Lynches' RV was stuck.

"And in pulls this silver Jaguar. She noticed some concern on my face and she asked if there was anything wrong. And I said, 'Well, yes. We need to get a tow out to the driveway here.'"

Sensing that concern, the lady in the Jaguar called a tow truck without even telling the Lynches.

The only thing the lady left behind was a short message written on a torn brown paper bag with the word "Mausdale" and a series of numbers. The Lynches had no idea what Mausdale meant. It turns out that's the name of the towing company and five or six minutes later, a tow truck arrived.

"Today, more than ever, just to have people wanting nothing in return but just to help. And I just want to say thank you."

A kind deed that hasn't gone unnoticed months later and the Lynches are hopeful they can one day find the woman, to say "thanks."

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