Communities Cooperate to Make Paving Progress

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- There are two freshly paved roads in a neighborhood in Hanover Township. The township did not pay outside workers to do the job. Instead, they teamed up with their neighboring communities to save money and get the job done.

New blacktop and a smooth road is always a welcome sight in any community.

Duane Swantkowski has lived in the Marion Terrace neighborhood in Hanover Township for decades. He's been waiting for road work to be done in this area for years.

"It was a mess. It was a mess with the potholes and everything and you can see it is just deteriorated beyond driving on," Swantkowski said.

This work is being done thanks to a joint effort from six communities in Luzerne County. They include Hanover Township, Nanticoke, Ashley, Sugar Notch, Plymouth Township, and Newport Township.

Last year, the township, city, and borough leaders received grant money that helped them purchase paving equipment. Each community then trained its workers to use it.

"It's going to change it a lot. I mean, you could ask any of these residents, it's been many, many years since some of these roads have been paved. You can see the alligator cracks within them," said Hanover Township manager Samuel Guesto.

Workers from Ashley are in Hanover Township to help with the paving work. They say this is a good way to get much-needed work done in different communities.

"Saved like maybe half the cost and I think it's a great thing," said Bob Hess, a member of the Ashley borough road crew.

The workers from each of the municipalities will take turns doing the work in their communities.

The group effort makes taxpayers like Swantkowski very happy.

"For most of the municipalities or townships, they can't afford to do it on their own. This way they get the equipment, share the resources, and get the job done."

The workers have already paved streets in Newport Township and Nanticoke. They plan to pave two more roads in Ashley next week.

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