Shawn Christy Agrees to Come Back to PA to Face Charges

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The man accused of threatening President Trump will soon be back in our area.

Shawn Christy is currently being held in Ohio where he was arrested last month.

During a court appearance on Monday, Christy agreed to not fight his extradition back to Pennsylvania.

Prior to his capture near Cleveland, Christy had been on the run from U.S. Marshals for more than three months.


  • straubdavid9

    Ridiculous ….. it’s not like he left the country ….. is Ohio some weird sanctuary state whereby you can stay if you’re a criminal running from the law?

  • jimbrony

    He agrees? He doesn’t have a choice in the matter. Oh, and it’s President Trump – you’re supposed to capitalize titles and surnames. Not doing so is a sign of disrespect. Or was that your intention? Still our President – MAGA!

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