Pothole Patchwork Concerns Butler Township Neighbors

BUTLER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A county-owned road in Luzerne County has had its fair share of the weather extremes of northeastern Pennsylvania, but neighbors aren't happy with the way the road has been cared for and are afraid things are only going to get worse this winter.

West Foothills Drive in Butler Township is a county-owned road, and over the last few weeks, the Luzerne County Road and Bridge Department did patchwork on potholes -- patchwork that neighbors say might have only made things worse.

"My daughter's blown a tire out here. I've blown a tire out here. It's just horrible."

People who live and work on this road say it's a gateway through the county. It connects Route 309 to Route 93, but neighbors say it's been a mess for years.

"I thought they were going to redo the whole road because it needs it from (Route) 309 all the way down into Conyngham. It's that bad," Michael Yurista said.

Video a neighbor took last week when the Luzerne County Road and Bridge Department started filling the potholes shows crews filling the hole with material then rolling over it with a roller.

"If they would patch it, usually what they should do is dig it out, then patch it. If they can't do that, just resurface the whole road," George Puhak said.

Neighbors say they're disappointed because when they saw crews working, they thought their pothole problems were going to be fixed.

"It's better. It helped. The potholes were the major problem."

And now even though the potholes were gone, neighbors are concerned with how this patchwork will hold up in the winter.

"As soon as the cold weather comes, the patching is not going to hold up. Once they start plowing and putting the salt down, I don't know."

Several neighbors have reached out to the Luzerne County Road and Bridge Department for answers and even county commissioners.

"I was told the county did not have enough money to pay for the roads to do the work on it properly."

People who live here say they hope the road can be passed over to PennDOT or to Butler Township.

The Butler Township roads department tells Newswatch 16 that it is highly unlikely the township would take over the road in the condition that it's in.

We reached out to the Luzerne County Road and Bridge Department, but we have not heard back.

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