Students Learning About Agriculture in Hazleton

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HAZLETON, Pa. -- The Pennslyvania Farm Bureau's Mobile Agriculture Education Science Lab will be at the Hazleton Elementary/Middle School this week.

The students did an experiment inside the mobile lab that taught them how to extract DNA from a banana.

"It's just fun like doing experiments," student Dylan Riofrio said. "Especially, with things you wouldn't usually do like with a banana. No one would actually think to do an experiment with that."

The science lab travels to schools all across the state to teach students the importance of learning about agriculture.

"Without agriculture, we wouldn't have all the improvements we have with our food, our diet," science lab instructor Sarah Booth said. "In fact, we wouldn't be living without agriculture."

The school's principal, Chris Yourechko, said the science lab provides a unique learning experience for the kids.

"It gives the students an opportunity for a lot of hands-on science experiments that they may not be afforded those same opportunities in the classroom, whether it be some costs, supplies," Yourechko said.

All of the students in seventh and eighth grade will get a chance to learn inside the lab before it leaves. The experience is not only beneficial to them, but the instructor teaching the class.

"It's a great experience each and every time because they never know what to expect," Booth said. "I never know what to expect, so it's always pleasant to see the learning take place."

The science lab was at Drums Elementary/Middle School last week. It will be in Hazleton through Thursday.

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