Monroe County Courthouse Closed by Another Threat

STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- Another bomb threat has closed the Monroe County Courthouse.

Monroe County officials say they received that bomb threat call Monday morning. That building and surrounding streets were blocked off.

This is the sixth time the building has been shut down on a Monday.

Crystal Salmond lives in Tobyhanna. She came to the Monroe County Courthouse for a hearing but was turned away.

"It messes a lot of things up. I don't know what is going on. This person needs to stop. It's not a joke. People's lives are on the line. It impacts a lot," Salmond said.

The call came in to the courthouse around 8:30 a.m. Monday.

Investigators didn't find any bombs, and the courthouse reopened after 3 p.m.

Officials say the calls have been coming in on the Monday of the first full week of the month.

"There's some patterns, but no matter when it comes in, we have to act seriously, and we have to be sure that the public is safe and the people in the buildings are safe -- employees, judges, and everyone else. It does cause a lot of frustration," said Monroe County Sheriff Todd Martin.

Some people we spoke to say this is frustrating, especially when they have court hearings that have been canceled every time a bomb threat gets called in.

Newswatch 16 spoke to one man who has been waiting for a court hearing that has been postponed three times because of bomb threats.

"I think it's bogus, honestly," said Davon Walton of Bangor. "People keep having to stop what they are doing, stop their day over this call. I honestly don't know who is doing it or why."

The Monroe County sheriff says his department has been working closely with Stroud Area Regional Police and state police, as well as county detectives to find the person or persons responsible for these calls.

Anyone with business at the courthouse is asked to go to to check the status of the courthouse.

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