Toomey to Vote Yes on Kavanaugh, Casey to Vote No

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WASHINGTON, D.C.- Pennsylvania’s two United States Senators are split along party lines when it comes to the vote for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey issued a statement Thursday evening in support of Kavanaugh. That came after the 9-hour hearing where Dr. Christine Blasey Ford emotionally testified she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh in high school.  In Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony, he forcefully denied the accusation.

“I found Dr. Ford’s testimony to be sincere and moving, but lacking important specifics,” read Toomey’s statement. “Judge Kavanaugh’s repeated and unequivocal denial was also sincere and very persuasive. In addition, Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony has been corroborated and Dr. Ford’s testimony has not. All of the witnesses she claimed were present, including her lifelong friend, either failed to corroborate, or refuted, her testimony.”

Toomey’s statement commended both of them for testifying under “such unfortunate and avoidable circumstances.” And called them and their families victims of a “shamefully politicized process.”

Democratic Senator Bob Casey went on Twitter after the hearing to express his continued opposition to the Kavanaugh nomination, saying “I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.” He joined many fellow Democratic senators calling for an FBI investigation into the allegations.

Casey has been opposed to President Trump’s pick for the vacant Supreme Court seat since before Kavanaugh was even named the nominee.  He released a statement the day the president nominated Kavanaugh that he would oppose that nomination no matter who it was.



  • Frank The Lunatic

    This isn’t news — Democrats are almost always against anything involving Republicans, be it confirmation hearings, bills, etc… and the same holds true for Republicans — It’s just business as usual in Washington — Been like this for decades… You’d have to go back probably 75 years or more to find situations where some members of parties actually cross lines and agree with the other side.

  • MC PA Veva

    And this is NEWS???? How do you even think either would vote??? I personally feel Ford’s story has so many holes that an elephant could go through easily…from I don’t remember…. time, place, supposed witnesses and lets not for get the excuse of air plane flight and that HER OWN Lawyer didn’t explain that this COULD have occurred at her AO. I also find that a COLLEGE PROF is too “airhead” to understand some of this and yet TEACHES our FUTURE to run our world. All of this is making a victim of BOTH and….. INCLUDING their innocent families… I am ashamed. I have 2 Grand Daughters and I fear that they will grow up thinking this crap is NORMAL.

  • Lance Grach

    Personally I feel if Flake wants an FBI investigation. They should not only investigate Kavanaugh they should also investigate Ford and the rest of the accusers. I want the judge confirmed now. I want Casey voted out. I want Cartwight voted out he doesn’t work for us just the Democratic party. I will never vote Democrat again after what I witnessed yesterday. Get out and Vote!

  • My Foot

    Trump and Republicans State loud and clear , ALL assaulted Woman are LIARS and do not matter. This is more proof….

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Bob Casey is running a lot of negative advertising. He’s worried about his job.

    He should be. Pennsylvania needs Lou Barletta in the U.S. Senate.

  • Thomas La Mont

    Bob Casey…Didn’t you say that before Dr. Ford even made the accusation? I look at your NO vote as a vote against progress and completely partisan. We all believe the Dr. suffered something, somewhere, sometime, traumatic.

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