Meat Donation to Help Those Working to Make Ends Meet

MUNCY, Pa. — It’s Hunger Action Month and Weis Markets has teamed up with one of the largest meat processing companies in the world to help feed those in need in central Pennsylvania.

Together with Smithfield Foods, Weis Markets helped pack a truck outside its grocery store in Muncy with 33,000 pounds of protein.

“Bacon, ham, turkey, all kinds of breakfast chicken biscuits, things like that,” said Jonathan Toms, associate manager of charitable initiatives for Smithfield Foods.

All of the donated food is now on its way to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank where it will help feed about 40,000 families in the region.

“We are just absolutely thrilled that we were able to deliver that to our folks in need,” said executive director Joe Arthur.

This is all part of Smithfield Foods Helping Hungry Homes, an initiative to help feed families across the country

Weis has been working with suppliers including Smithfield Foods since 2012 to help bring more donations to the area.

Weis Markets reached out to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank earlier this year.

“We absolutely said yes. When? When can we do this? Meat is one of the hardest products for us to get. It’s very expensive it’s not donated in quantity,” Arthur said.

The food bank doesn’t expect to hold on to the product for long.

“We will start giving this to people in need today and probably within a week or so that meat will be gone,” Arthur added.

“There are a lot of families, not only young families, you know, that have a lot of children that need it. There are a lot of senior citizens on fixed incomes that have a rough time making ends meet, so it’s great that they have that available to them,” said Carol Sheets of Davidson Township.


  • Granny4

    There are lots of families with lots of children that need it! If you cant afford to feed your children stop having them, although the tax refunds they recive per child once a year is nice !

    • jimbrony

      No, she is spot on. The tax refunds some of those single-parent families get are obscene. Meanwhile, those of us that work 60 hours a week (being paid for 40) that pay our bills wind up getting nothing or even have to pay in.

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