Human Resource Center Celebrates 45 Years

HONESDALE, Pa. -- An organization with a mission to help folks with specials needs get more involved in their community marked a milestone on Friday.

The conga line was full of smiles and laughter as it traveled around Honesdale Central Park.

The celebration in downtown Honesdale was in honor of the Human Resource Center's 45th year serving folks with special needs in northeastern Pennsylvania

"We're about integrating people into the community, providing residential services, homes for people, placements for people, job placements in the community, teaching job skills -- that's what we're all about," explained CEO Darlene Glynn.

Workers at the Human Resource Center near Honesdale tell Newswatch 16 this celebration was about thanking the community for its support.

"I'm passionate about being here," said Travis Fodor. "We are out here dancing having a good time."

Games, pumpkin painting, and food were also part of the festivities in Wayne County, but dancing seemed to be the fan favorite.

Rocking to the beat was Rebecca Hebert who has worked with the HRC for the last five years. Her mother says the agency's programs have made a big difference in her life

"She has a million friends and that's the most important thing, she's with her peers every day and she goes out and she does work and she feels so proud of herself every day, so that's so important," Susan Hebert said.

Hebert and many others at the celebration say they owe a lot to HRC.

"Been up there over 31 years or more still going and I will not quit on them," laughed Joseph Corcoran.

Find out more about HRC's programs here.

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