Girardville St. Patrick’s Parade Moving to Later Date

GIRARDVILLE, Pa. -- A popular St. Patrick's Day Parade in Schuylkill County is hoping for better luck next year.

In hopes of getting more seasonable weather, the parade in Girardville is being pushed back.

"It's one of the largest parades ever and people come from out of state, other counties, just to see the parade," said resident Viola Adams.

But in recent years, bad weather has put a damper on the Irish celebration. Back in March, the parade was postponed to April. The streets were icy and snow covered.

To try and avoid these slick conditions, the parade committee has decided to push pack the St. Patrick's Day Parade in 2019.

The committee president tells Newswatch 16 three dates are possibilities -- March 31, April 4, or April 13.

"I think it's good in case it snows again, because the last couple of years, it's snowed, and the weather was bad. We had to push it back and everyone couldn't go because they planned on that date it was supposed to go on and people couldn't go because of the snow," Jonathan Smith said.

Some acknowledge that Mother Nature obviously has a way of its own and bad weather can strike at any time. People here just want the parade to go on, because it's a big day for Girardville.

"It may just work out," James Palestis said. "We have no control over the weather. We've had some really good years and the past few years have been pretty sucky, but whatever they do, I just hope it works out."

In a letter to parade participants about the proposed time change, the parade committee is asking for responses on the three dates by Monday, October 8.