Students Lessen Stress with Dogs at Bloomsburg University

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- A group of certified therapy dogs and their owners paid a visit to Bloomsburg University's campus on Thursday.

The event called Stress Less with Pets was held in hopes of giving students a stress-free space.

A campus group called the Husky Paws put on the event. The group also handed out stress less kits to help students learn about stress management.

"There is such a mental release once you pet a dog. It's all things good and happy and fuzzy," said Cayenne Bengochea.

The long-term goal for the group is to have Stress Less with Pets every week on the campus in Columbia County.

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  • whopperplopper

    give me a break!
    mommy isn’t there to coddle them.
    if they can’t handle stress there, they are screwed when they enter the real world.
    are they going to have service dogs in their work place too?
    it’s sad what the liberals are doing to society

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