Shooting in Plymouth Now a Homicide

PLYMOUTH, Pa. -- A gunshot victim found on the street early Thursday morning in Luzerne County has died.

That shooting happened around 2:30 a.m. outside Robby Nick's Sports Bar on East Main Street in Plymouth.

The owner of the business says his bar was closed and he was outside trying to break up a fight between two men when he heard the shots.

State police Kyon McDonald, 34, of Plymouth, shot Tierees Owens, 33, also of Plymouth, several times. Owens was taken by ambulance to a hospital where he later died.

An arrest warrant for criminal homicide was issued for McDonald.

Police are checking surveillance video and talking with witnesses to figure out exactly what happened.

The bar owner says it is not the first time there has been violence in this area. He told Newswatch 16 he plans to close his business for good.

"It's the second one in the last two years, same place, I don't know, I don't know what happened,” said Wally Lubinski of Plymouth.

One man showed up to check on his granddaughter, who works at the bar.

"I was wondering if she worked last night, that's what I was coming over to find out. I don't know what this world is coming to, really,” said Don Shymanski of Plymouth.

People who live in Plymouth were not shocked by the news of a killing at that spot.

Before it was Robby Nick's sports bar, this place was RisNick's, a man was shot and killed outside the bar in 2017.

Before that, it was the Bull Run Tavern where there was a fatal shooting inside in 2008.

It was eventually closed as a nuisance bar.

"It's all the time, it's getting really scary around here. There was a couple times I called 911 because there's so many fights on this corner all the time and I get scared because last time it was a shooting and this time was another shooting. I knew it was fatal, it's scary,” said Joanne Reeser of Plymouth.


  • John Botch

    This bar has been nothing but trouble over the last 9 years that I have lived here! It has had 3 owners over that time all trouble. THE best time was when it was closed for 2 years. I want to start a petition for it to be re zoned so that it can never be a bar again!

  • jsrant

    Plymouth, like Edwardsville and many other small towns are falling prey to new york and jersey city scum. Slumlords who love section 8 that draw these lowlives. Garbage in the yards, in front of the homes. Homes delapidatimg. Slumlords don’t care as long as they get there govt. Check. All this brings the welfare garbage, the drugs and gangs. Then the gun shots. These so called mayors of these towns need to waken up and start doing something.

    • gutterratt

      That might be true of some areas but you people are always blaming transplants like you didn’t always have and still have home-grown-garbage that reeks to high heaven! 28 likes and hypocrites in denial with their heads up their butt depriving their brains of oxygen. Big surprise there. So nobody born here is on public assistance, never committed crimes, never did drugs, and were never part of any “sort” of gang. Wow, fascinating.

      • jsrant

        Well , you are somewhat right, but when throughout the years I watched a small town turn into part Newark and San Juan, seeing homes and small thriving businesses become dilapidated or close. Konefals closing along with others, it’s just sad. Plymouth, Edwardsville and other small towns did have problems but not like today. The influx of transplants live the way they do because they don’t know anything else. They have no pride in the community or themselves but have a heritage day parade for their country and their all for it.

  • Rob Conklin

    In just a few blocks of each other and a few months 2 people shot. One by one towns are going downhill while democrats are in charge.. Vote DEM Out 2018.

    • Mike Montagna

      So it’s the Democrats fault. So we hold are elected officials accountable, where does it stop, should we blame Trump, a Republican too? Silly isn’t it. Its comments like yours that leads to sill arguments.

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