Archery Season Opens Statewide on Saturday

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Workers at Dunkelberger's Sports Outfitter near Brodheadsville have been busy with hunters all week long.

It's all in preparation of archery season, which opens statewide on Saturday.

"It's very exciting. It's exciting for us and the buildup is special. I hunt myself and everyone keeps talking about where they are going. There's a lot of excitement," said Dunkelberger's Brad Fekula.

"I am real excited. I love it every year. It's the best time of year," said Bob Huratiak of Bangor.

Not only are workers busy selling equipment, but they are also busy fixing it, too.

Brad Fekula is the archery technician and says the workshop has been filled with bows and arrows waiting to get fixed.

"We are replacing strings and cables, putting them in the bow cress. Having different stuff done to peoples so they are ready for Saturday," said Fekula.

Bob Huratiak from Bangor stopped by the shop to make sure all his equipment was ready. He says he will head out to his tree stand on Saturday.

"Being out in the woods brings my senses into play. It takes care of the stress for the week," said Huratiak.

Statewide archery season runs from Saturday through November 12 and starts up again in some areas at the end of December.

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