Man Suspected in Wiretapping Case Admits to Drug Charge

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MONTROSE, Pa. -- The man investigated for possibly wiretapping state police and charged with having weapons of mass destruction in Susquehanna County ended up pleading to a minor drug charge on Wednesday.

Nathan Grover of New Milford admitted he had a pipe for smoking meth at his home when troopers raided the place the end of last year.

Originally, troopers suspected Grover, who was a network tech for NEP Telephone, listened in on phone calls at the Gibson state police barracks.

That wasn't the case,

Investigators also charged Grover with weapons of mass destruction. However, it turns out he was allowed to have the shooting targets filled with tannerite, a substance used to make exploding rifle targets.

"I think that there was some concern raised by alleged conduct at state police barracks. Ultimately, that turned out not to be true. During execution of a search warrant, police found some items found that were mistakenly believed to be something they weren't," said Grover's attorney Jason Beardsley.

Grover lost his job and spent 10 days in jail in Susquehanna County after his arrest in January this year.


  • Matt Berns

    This sounds fishy. Troopers accuse the guy of doing 2 things he didn’t do then go to his house, find a pipe not knowing what it was used for, then saying it was a meth pipe. The warrant probably didn’t specify drug paraphernalia . This is troopers, judge and ADA trying to save their pride. …pipe inside the guy’s house…

  • lickerblisters

    Throw major charges at a guy and the smallest one sticks? Sounds like his civil rights were horrendously violated. I’m sure he and his lawyer will make some big bucks on this one!

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