Animals at the Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- Whether you like dogs, chickens, or cows, there are all kinds of animals at the Bloomsburg Fair. In fact, there are about 1,400 livestock animals at this year's fair. That doesn't even include the rabbits or chickens.

"I'm a country girl and I never have enough of them. I never have enough animals," Terry Beaver said.

"Oh, it's wonderful. He gets to go up close to the animals and maybe pet one or two," Karen Kachuran said.

Most of these animals are judged in shows in the arenas. Carly Benjamin of Berwick is showing her two goats, Mac and Max.

"Well, you have to walk them and take care of them properly," Benjamin said.

New this year, there are QR facts hanging up all over the livestock area. You download the app onto your cell phone, you scan it, and you can learn all about the animals.

Fair officials tell Newswatch 16 this is a way to increase education.

"Everybody's on their phone texting. If you have this app, it scans the QR code, the quick response code. It pulls up a quick two-minute video on education on that animal that you're seeing," Jeff Giger said.

Whether it's pigs, rabbits, or even 1-week-old baby goats, everyone has a favorite animal at the Bloomsburg Fair.

"Oh, I love horses, always have," Phyllis Beaver said.

"Did you see the animals?" Yes," replied Augustin Kachuran.

"What animal did you like the best?"

"The sheep," Augustin said.

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