Vendors Content with Wet Weather at Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- People walking around the Bloomsburg Fair made sure to carry an umbrella, wear a poncho, or both. It seems like it always rains at least once during fair week, and this year is no exception.

Larry Rompallo owns Crabby Larry's and sells seafood. He prefers the rain to what he refers to as last year's crabby weather.

"Six days of 90 (degrees) and above, last year kind of wasn't good weather for soup. This year, so far, things have been good," Rompallo said.

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"I think everybody comes here for the fair and for particular food, drinks," said Diann Shamburg at Kohr's Orangeade.

Other vendors agree.

"I think we'd all say that. People like to come to the fair. Fair's supposed to be in sweatshirts and jeans," said vendor Cheri Bissinger.

Last year, Bissinger's Apple Dumplings set up fans to keep people cool. This year, it's flaps to keep people dry.

Even though it's raining, vendors tell Newswatch 16 they really don't mind. they've actually come to expect it."

"You always get one day of rain at the fair, no matter what. We never get a perfect week," Bissinger added.

Vendors say the most important thing is adapting to the weather conditions to keep people comfortable.

"They eat more when it's cool and rainy than when it's hot like last year," Rompallo said.

The accessories of choice on this day at the Bloomsburg Fair were umbrellas and ponchos. The rain was steady, not giving people much of a chance to dry out.

But when it rains at the fair, people still find things to do. It's a good time to visit the livestock. The Bloomsburg Fair has hundreds of animals from chickens to cows and all of these exhibits are inside.

There's always one day when it rains at the fair and that's the day Gary and Susan Reed are here. The two tell Newswatch 16 they don't mind the rain. In fact, they took this time to check out the indoor exhibits.

"There's lots of buildings, lots to see. A lot of the displays are prepared for the weather. They have canopies up," Susan Reed said.

The Bloomsburg Fair has hundreds of exhibits to see featuring prize winners from all over the area. Even so, fairgoers still get hungry.

Many vendors have either indoor or covered seating, so when it's raining people don't get wet.

"There's a bunch of us down here that have seating. Don't be afraid to come to the fair. It's not too cold, not too crowded, great day to go through the buildings, see the barns," Bissinger said.

Because of the wet weather, not as many people came to the fair. That's why Margaret Ondek of Ashley came.

"Yeah, it is pretty yucky, but the crowds, there is no crowd. It's nice. I can get in, get out, do what I want to do. It's nice. I can shop and not have to worry."

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