How You Can Help Victims of Hurricane Florence

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WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- You don't have to travel to the Carolinas to join the effort in helping thousands of families waiting for relief after Hurricane Florence.

Disaster services from across the country are on the front lines in the Carolinas, helping thousands of families whose homes have been destroyed or damaged.

"The Salvation Army is on site now in both North Carolina and South Carolina," said Tony Perrotta, Salvation Army.

While sometimes supplies are needed, right now the Salvation Army in Williamsport is asking people to donate money.

"They are not ready yet. There are still roads that are not passable. What we are trying to do is hit the emergency needs so they can get food daily right now," Perrotta added.

The Salvation Army has handed out nearly 200,000 meals since Hurricane Florence hit.

"We can't do this alone. There are many, many organizations out there," said Perrotta.

One of those organizations is the United Way. People who would like to donate can do so online.

Perrotta also recommends researching an organization before donating so you know where your money is being spent.

"Just like anything else, there is always some organizations not as equipped as we are to immediately go into disaster areas and take care of them, so you just have to be careful," Perrotta said.

Here are three organizations where you can make online donations to help victims of Hurricane Florance:

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