Finding the Next Olympic Luger

BERWICK, Pa. -- It was a day of hope and possibility for kids looking to take their interest in one particular sport to the next level.

A search for the next luge star took place in Berwick on Sunday.

Olympic luger and Berwick native Jayson Terdiman set up the slider search with the hope to make some athlete's dream come true.

Around a dozen kids, most from our area, participated in the event.

Hopefuls took to the 500-foot track and reached speeds up to 30 miles per hour.

"We're just trying to give kids an opportunity to try something different, try something new, maybe find a new passion. We're looking for a potential future Olympian," said Terdiman.

Those who participated will be notified if they made a developmental team to train and try out in Lake Placid, New York.