Woman Stabbed Trying to Fight off Robbers

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — Police in Wilkes-Barre are looking for two men they say were involved in a robbery and stabbing overnight.

It happened around 2 a.m. Saturday on Wilkes-Barre Boulevard.

Investigators say the men tried to take a woman’s wallet. She fought back and was stabbed in the stomach.

Police have not released the condition of the victim.


  • straubdavid9

    Two more dregs of society that need a bullet to the head. Too bad she wasn’t armed. Women, If you intend to fight ….. you need to get serious about being able to equalize such a situation. Don’t continue to play games with your life. This media has daily events reported that should wake you up …… stop being a victim. I’ve had guns my whole life, and never once in that time did I have one loaded in my home …. ever! ……………… THAT HAS CHANGED!!!!!

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