Man Locked Up After Allegedly Sexually Assaulting a Child

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A man from Monroe County is charged with sexually assaulting a four-year-old girl.

Arrest papers show that Justin Kraeber of Stroudsburg sent text messages to someone saying he had been having sexual contact with a child.

Kraeber is locked up in Monroe County.


    • pedophiliapa

      How is this nj’s fault? I believe that this state has more pedophiles than anywhere else in America. Every single day you read the news there’s one or even two of these filthy minded sickos on the front page. EVERYDAY! IN EVERY SQUARE INCH OF PA! So get your facts right you proud PA citizen!

      • pedophiliapa

        If your dog poops on the floor it’s because you didn’t get off of your @ss to take him for a walk dummy…..that’s right! I blame you! You’re probably a disgusting pedophile yourself…wait…I meant disgruntled. Immediately your first reaction is to place blame on someone else. Kinda raises a red flag in this wonderful red state.

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