Emergency Responder Hit by Dump Truck at Crash Scene

MONROE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Kunkle volunteer firefighters held each other close after state troopers in Tunkhannock say a firefighter was hit by a dump truck.

Troopers say the firefighter was struck while he was rerouting traffic at an accident scene here at the intersection of Routes 309 and 29.

The whole reason why emergency responders were redirecting traffic here in the first place was because a van hit this telephone pole.

"Pretty surprising but at the same time, this intersection is pretty bad, like I've seen people go in the wrong direction, out the wrong direction. Going too fast. Taking corners too fast," said Brian Durling.

"There has been multiple accidents at this intersection and one time a vehicle hit my building," said Dr. Lynn D'Alessandro.

A helicopter from Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport was sent to take the volunteer firefighter to Geisinger Wyoming Valley for his serious injuries.

"It's very sad. I hope everything is fine with him and you know, I feel bad for the person that hit him too because that would be awful burden to carry," said Dr. D'Alessandro.

People who live and work nearby say something needs to be done to make the intersection safer.

"Some sort of sign to assure that there's a corner coming up and around you. You have to watch your speed," said Durling.

There's no word if the driver of the dump truck will be charged. The investigation is ongoing.

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  • jimbrony

    “Pretty surprising but at the same time, this intersection is pretty bad” I’ve never met a bad intersection or a dangerous road, but I have seen some pretty lousy drivers. Blaming the intersection for this is like blaming a gun for a shooting.

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