Christy’s Hometown of McAdoo Reacts to His Capture

MCADOO, Pa. -- After eluding authorities, allegedly in several states, Shawn Christy was finally caught in Ohio by U.S. Marshals.

In Christy's hometown of McAdoo in Schuylkill County, once news spread that he had been caught, people were relieved this ordeal is finally over.

“It's about time, I guess. They've been looking for him hard enough,” said Vance Kisthardt.

“It just puts fear into the town, too, as well. He was everywhere. Who knew if he had a gun or what he was doing? Nobody really knew. People feared to leave their doors open, you know, even if they went out for five minutes,” said Tim Joseph, who works at Via Nuova Pizzeria.

Gianna Giranda and Kimber Anderson are in the eighth grade at McAdoo-Kelayres Middle School.

They say having Christy on the loose had their school administrators taking no chances with security.

“They wouldn't let us walk home at all. We had security guards by us all the time, yeah,” said Giranda. “Like, even our teachers were, like, we can't go outside because of Shawn Christy and stuff. Like, they just want you to be safe and stuff.”

“When we had a fire drill, we could only do it when he was in Ohio. We had to make sure,” said Anderson.

Christy had been on the run from U.S. Marshals in Pennsylvania since June and there were several sightings of the 27 year old in Pennsylvania and other states.

Surveillance video caught Christy eating food inside Skipper Dippers just outside McAdoo last month.

The owner says Christy broke in shortly after the restaurant closed.

“I know someone who works there, and then she left. Ten minutes, he came back. Ten minutes after they left, yeah,” said Anderson.

Christy's mother, Karen, says she was stunned getting the news but just glad her son is safe.

“I always try to tell people, like, it's no different than having a missing child because you don't know what's going on,” said Karen. “I mean, he's good in the woods, but there's always snakes out there, he could fall and break his leg and to not be able to get to help.”

Christy's parents want to talk with their son as soon as possible, but at this time, there are no plans to go to Ohio.

It’s not clear when Shawn Christy will be brought back to Pennsylvania. For now, he remains in custody in Ohio.


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