Road Project to Help with Traffic Flow in Luzerne County

HAZLE TOWNSHIP, Pa. --  Route 924 in the area of the Humboldt Industrial Park near Hazleton is known to be a headache.

"In the morning, like around rush hour and rush hour in the afternoon, its bumper to bumper, it's pretty tough getting out and getting in even at the red lights," said truck driver Ben Ostrowski.

Luzerne County leaders now have a solution for the traffic.

The county is awarding $1.8 million to Hazleton's Economic Development Corporation, Can Do, to help build a road that would bring traffic from Interstate 81 to a new entrance into the industrial park, alleviating traffic in the area.

The work will be done in conjunction with a PennDOT project.

PennDOT will build a road off Route 424 near Hazleton that will connect to the road that can do will build.

People who work at the many businesses along Route 924 say this is a project they wish was done years ago.

"Everybody is going to be happy to hear that because of the congestion problems here and I noticed there has been quite a few accidents," said Ostrowski.

A portion of the money for the project comes from $15 million of federal money the county just received permission to use.

The money will be used to fund other county projects like street improvements.

County leaders say the project at the Humboldt Industrial Park will not only fix the traffic issues but make it possible for more businesses and jobs to come to the area.

"This is a safety issue and honestly and economic development issue. We gotta do what we can to support people coming to Luzerne County to continue economic development.," said David Pedri, Luzerne County Manager.

Work on the road project is expected to begin next spring.

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