This Week on Coaches’ Corner: Play Analysis, North Schuylkill, Montoursville, Loyalsock Twp. & Your Predictions!

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The Coaches look at (4) Plays from last week:  Stroudsburg QB draw by Stewart; Lackawanna Trail QB Rolka screen to Meinkoff; Special Teams Pouch Kick at Wellsboro game; and Great Defense and fumble recovery for Valley View!

Head Coach Wally Hall from North Schuylkill drops in to The Corner for a look at his team and his next rival, Mt. Carmel Area.

Todd Bartley, Fox Sports Williamsport, previews the Battle of the Bridge this week with a stop to Montoursville Area and Loyalsock Twp.   Joey Rogers and Bam Brima give us their thoughts.

The results of last week’s Defensive matchup predictions and how that played out.

Finally, see what the coaches think about (5) tough matchups:

  • Wyoming Valley West / Dallas
  • Southern Columbia Area / Central Columbia
  • North Schuylkill / Mt. Carmel Area
  • Loyalsock Twp. / Montoursville Area
  • Delaware Valley / North Pocono