Local Farmer Says Heavy Rainfall Was Hard on Apples

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The apple trees at Dymonds Farm in Luzerne County aren't looking the way co-owner Ted Dymond hoped.

"For us, it's not that well," Dymond said. "We have trees that have a lot of apples. Some don't have none."

Dymond said all the rain we got this year has taken a toll on his crops.

"It just been a depressing season as far as rain," Dymond explained. "It just starts to dry out, and you get more rain."

Dymond added it's not only his apple crop that is having trouble this year but his pumpkins, too.

"We've lost a lot of our pumpkins," Dymond said. "That was either pollination or root rot or both."

The rain not only affects the apples Dymond sells to his customers, but also the ones Kate Evans uses to bake with. She runs a bakery inside Dymond's store.

"The apples, obviously with the rain, we're having a big issue with that, but we're making it through," Dymond said. "I mean, to us, apple pie is probably our number one seller."

She said she's not too worried because she's hoping the apples will be better a little later in the season.

"A lot of people just like a good apple pie, which is good," Evans said. "There are definitely some people that know the difference of taste in the pies because they'll say, 'What type of apples do you use?'"

Dymond said he may have to buy pumpkins to sell. He says he will also have to see if he can still do hayrides on his farm this fall. His fields may be too wet.

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