State Police to Increase School Patrols

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Pennsylvania State Police and Governor Tom Wolf announced the launch of a new school safety plan.

Troopers will now be checking on schools at least once during their shifts.

Back in February, state police told Newswatch 16 it would begin increasing its presence at schools.

Now, state police say troopers will drive through school properties within state police coverage area at least once per shift.

Troopers will visit schools covered by other police departments when time and resources allow.

At times, troopers will go inside the schools too.


  • Francine "Dreg" Price (@KamirTyree)

    The State Police are stretched thin as it is. They don’t have enough troopers to do their own shifts plus cover absent dispatchers, but now they have to do local cops’ jobs. Why? Oh, that’s right. Most municipalities barely have three local cops in the coal region. How about giving places like Conygham Township an Ashland, PA, funding to hire and train new police and improve the downtown area so that local municipalities have money to do that job.

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