New Contract and Dress Code at East Stroudsburg Area School District

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- The teachers strike at East Stroudsburg Area School District is over, and that means students, including senior Gabi Vazquez, are headed back to class.

"It's gonna be nice to have a routine. I mean, it's school. We need it, and I am happy the teachers are going to get what they want. They deserve it," said Vazquez.

A new teacher contract isn't the only news to come out of the district. The board voted to do away with the new dress code imposed earlier this month.

It limited students to certain color collared shirts, pants, dresses, and skirts.

"Not every store you go to has collared shirts that fit every child. That was really difficult. Maybe two stores, and when you get there, they are sold out. And then you can buy online, but not knowing if they are going to fit and then you have to deal with sending everything back," said Jamie Maher of East Stroudsburg.

District officials say students should follow the dress code policy they had last school year.

Students must also once again wear their school district issued photo ID card, and it must be visible.

Students we spoke to, specifically seniors, say the new dress code policy was difficult for them because they had to buy a lot of clothes that they likely won't wear after the year is over.

"It was a big change, and considering it's my last year, it was almost like a waste of money," said Vazquez.

Erin Maher is in seventh grade and says she's glad the district decided to make the change.

"We are in adult sizes now and it was so hard to find colors like that. It was a real pain to do that. It will be a lot easier now," said Maher.

For an updated link to the East Stroudsburg Area Dress Code Policy, click here.

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  • Jacquelyn Black

    Thank you East Stroudsburg School Board for changing the dress code; but my question is, what do we do with the clothes we spent months searching for? Specific colors, type of pants, shirts, skirts and etc which our children hate and now will not wear; were expensive to say the least. This question came up at the August school board meeting. If there was the possibility it would be rescinded; the code should have been put on hold and not sent out until the actual decision was made.

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