Couple Celebrates 70th Wedding Anniversary

LAKE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Seventy years ago, a husband and wife in Wayne County said, "I do."

Now, all these years later, the couple celebrated their anniversary milestone with each other and their senior home.

After 70 years, you can still find Henry and Louise Czaja by each other's side. The couple lives together at Saber at Julia Ribaudo near Lake Ariel and is marking another milestone in their marriage.

"I was 18, turned 19, and married him on the 18th of September, all in September," Louise Czaja said.

Their anniversary is just the latest special day for this husband and wife originally from Brooklyn, schoolmates and before long, soul mates.

"She was more in the neighborhood. Didn't have to go far. Red hair," Henry recalled.

Henry and Louise met way back when they were teenagers. That was back in the 1940s. And by 1948, they were married. They had two kids, plenty of grandkids, and lots of great grandkids. And after all these years, they're still in love.

To make this 70th wedding anniversary even more special, the people here held a special ceremony for Henry and Louise remembering their vows made all those years ago.

"They're a loving couple. You can see there's a lot of history," said Lena Phillips, caretaker.

For anyone who knows these two, Henry and Louise are always together, through good and not so good.

Every year, for 70 years, and hopefully many more.

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