Bradford County Hit with Flash Flooding Again

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SOUTH CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Rain caused yet another round of flash flooding in Bradford County Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Fire and rescue crews were busy.

"The summer has been wet all summer long. This is the fourth or fifth time we've been out on this. Seems like each time it gets worse and worse, just no place for the water to go,” said South Creek Township Fire Chief Brett Johnston.

Route 14 was closed for miles, and people were forced to leave homes in South Creek Township.

Ridgebury Manor mobile home development in Ridgebury Township was evacuated too as nearby water overflowed, leaving behind damage and lots of debris.

"My house got completely flooded this time. We're trashed. We're trashed, and they're putting a Band-aid on a big problem,” said Jim Havens of South Creek Township.

In South Creek Township, PennDOT workers used an excavator to dig out a culvert area after water and rocks came pouring onto the roadway and into nearby homes.

"My cousin was inside sleeping and someone came pounding on our door. She came and woke me up, and it was all a raging river in my yard and into my neighbor’s yard and down into his basement. So I called 911, and they said they're doing the best they can,” said Linda Kulago of South Creek Township.

"I've been here over 50 years, and it's never been this bad. I have it in my basement and my yard and my front yard, and I already cleaned it up once,” she added.

Emergency officials say despite all the problems, no one was injured in this latest round of flooding.

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