Furniture Store Helps People Find a ‘Way Back’

BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- When someone loses their belongings in a fire or flood or even in a case of domestic abuse, one organization in Susquehanna County is trying to help them find a way back.

Susquehanna County Interfaith's furniture store is officially open for business along Route 706 near Montrose. There is plenty for people shopping on a budget.

Susquehanna County Interfaith has been expanding to offer more to people in crisis. And now, the selection just got bigger.

Amanda Mangin made the trip from Thompson on day one of the new "Way Back" furniture section. In light of recent major flooding throughout the county, Mangin knows what kind of good all this can do.

"It can do a lot. It's nice to be able to get furniture that's affordable, that's quality," Mangin said.

"It is called 'the way back' because it's the back of our store but it is also for many people that have faced crisis or adversity, it's the way back," said Cindy Beeman, Susquehanna County Interfaith.

Susquehanna County Interfaith accepts metal, laminate, and wooden items in "Way Back" furniture but nothing with layers like mattresses, recliners, and chairs.

"Somewhere you can find something reasonable and something to help stretch the budget but also give hope and encouragement," Beeman said.

Interfaith relies on donations from the community and has seen an outpouring of support after the recent floods: neighbors helping one another and now, in a much bigger way.

"It's hard. It's really hard. This place is a blessing. It really is," Mangin added.

Interfaith encourages people to make an appointment so the organization can match the right kind of help--or in this case, furniture--with each family in need.

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