Bracing for After Effects of Hurricane Florence in Area Already Hit by Flooding

PORT CARBON, Pa. -- Most of Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania is under a flood watch on Monday night as remnants of Hurricane Florence move through our area with the potential for heavy rain.

People in one Schuylkill County community are especially worried about all this rain.

Darlene Singleton and her husband Kenneth still have a lot of cleaning up to do at their home in Port Carbon from the flooding there last month.

Now, the after effects from Hurricane Florence are headed their way with 1-3 inches of rain.

“I have my suitcase packed and I am ready to leave because I don't want to go through it again,” Darlene Singleton said.

The Singleton’s said their three-car garage even washed away in the last flooding.

They’re hoping they wont have to leave their home on Pottsville Street for this storm, too.

“I got in my car and went up to my daughter's who lives on Third Street and we took the camper up and Brandy our dog and we stayed in the camper for a couple of days,” Darlene Singleton said.

Flood waters from nearby Mill Creek are to blame for the flooding problems at the Singleton's home. However, with only 1-3 inches of rain expected from this storm, they said they hope this time around it's not nearly as bad.

“This wind blowing here might blow it away. We're hoping it breaks it up,” Kenneth Singleton said.

Flood insurance covered some of the damage. However, the Singleton’s said they’ve had enough of worrying every time it rains.

“We're looking to move. You want to buy a beachfront property? We got sand,” Singleton said.

Schuylkill County will be under a flood watch until noon on Tuesday.

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