Talkback 16: Hurricane Coverage, Mother Charged with Abusing Twin Babies

In this edition of Talkback 16, there is a debate over how much is too much hurricane coverage. Plus, reaction to the mother charged with abusing her twin babies.

Talkback 16 Online Discussion:

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  • Christine L. Bird

    How in God’s name can anyone;especially a mother abuse their children like that?She knew she was sick,but instead of going for help…she abuses her sweet,innocent babies!
    Anyone who can stoop so low as to do such an unthinkable act such a she did…not only doesn’t deserve to have children…but animals of any kind either!!
    When I think how many good folks are out there,wanting even 1 child…yet can’t have tear’s me apart inside!!!!
    I pray to God for justice for these babies!! They don’t have a “voice” ,,,but we do….use them!!

    • straubdavid9

      Horrendous acts that are beyond explanation. 21 day old twins with major bone fractures throughout their bodies ….. please please do not allow this poor excuse for a human being anywhere near any other living creatures ever….. ever!