Shikellamy Band Needs New Truck

SUNBURY, Pa. –It's Friday night football night, but one high school marching band is having a tough time getting their instruments to the game.

Students in the Shikellamy High School Marching Band practice several times a week for hours at a time to put on a halftime show at the Friday night football game.

When the band was on its way to Loyalsock Area High School for last week's football game, the truck carrying all the instruments broke down.

"There was fire and pieces of metal and stuff shooting out the back of it. And then it completely ceased, and it was done," Brandi Ferster said.

"Thinking that all of our instruments are gone and thinking about that we would have only had three flutes, three clarinets and a trumpet," Dorothy Hildebrand said.

The instruments are fine, but the truck is not. The engine broke down and the truck is not drivable.

"We were all kind of worried about how we were going to get our instruments to the field," Kayleigh Heller said.

"This is just the beginning of our season. This starts it all off. We are going to be going to mid-November with everything," Brandi Ferster said.

In addition to all the fundraising the students already do throughout the year, now they're trying to raise money for a new truck.

The Shikellamy Band Association started a GoFundMe page to raise money for a new truck. They need about $10,000.

"We really need that help," Heller said.

Without the truck, the band will have no way to get its large percussion instruments to away games. The Sunbury City Band is lending its truck to the high school this week.

To help the marching band, click here.

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