Grandmother of Abused Children Speaks Out

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SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- There is new information about the woman who Shamokin police say abused her 3-week-old twins.

A grandmother to one of Tifany Walter's older children says two others were taken away from her.

Arrie Hunsinger of the Bloomsburg area is the grandmother to Tifany Walter's oldest child. Hunsinger says her granddaughter and another baby were taken away from Walter several years ago.

Walter is now accused of abusing her infant twin sons.

Tifany Walter, 29, of Shamokin is accused of abusing her 3-week-old twin sons. Police say the infants had multiple broken bones and burn marks on their faces.

Walter admitted to getting angry and overwhelmed when the babies cry.

"It just brought back memories because of what happened to Barrett," Arrie Hunsinger said.

Barrett, age 2, and Anna, age 3, are Tifany Walter's older children. Arrie Hunsinger is anna's grandmother. She tells Newswatch 16 both children were taken from Walter.

"He was coming around, he had marks on him, scratches. His eye was bloodshot," Hunsinger recalled.

Hunsinger's family reported Tifany Walter to Luzerne County Children and Youth but says the abuse claim was unfounded. Children and Youth did eventually take Barrett away. Anna was taken away by Columbia County Children and Youth before Barrett was born.

"It's not fair. These kids did not ask to be born," said Hunsinger.

Walter told Shamokin police she has been off her medication for bipolar disorder. Hunsinger tells Newswatch 16 that is what happened last time.

"She knows she needs it. Why did she not get it? If you're a mom and you have medical problems, don't you think you want to get better?"

The twin boys were taken away this week by Northumberland County Children and Youth, the third county agency to come into the lives of Tifany Walter and her children.

Hunsinger says the two older children are doing well and living with guardians. The twins are in the custody of Northumberland County Children and Youth.

Tifany Walter Is in jail, unable to post bail.


  • Buford T. Justice

    This thing is nothing more than a baby making factory. I feel so bad for those children to have such a pig for a mother.

  • Rose Foust Hack

    these kids were not asked to be born???? what bullcrap. then get yourself fixed if all you want to do is screw around and work the system. throw her in JAIL…

  • straubdavid9

    This is dysfunction of epic proportions. Why oh why are these animals allowed to continue to breed? Two more busted and broken (literally) and abused children dumped on the State. Major broken bones and burns on 21 day old babies …. what is wrong with these sick SOBs?

  • Daryl Fisher

    With her history, why was Terrible Tifany EVER left alone with her twins? Where was her support system, like the dad or his family? CPS knew her history yet stood by until tragedy struck. You all have blame in this too!

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