Death Investigation Prompts Heavy Police Search at Two Locations

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WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- The body of a man found with a stab wound in his back in Wilkes-Barre led to a daylong police search involving at least two locations in the city.

The investigation led police from the victim's home to an apartment a few blocks away.

Donald Court in Wilkes-Barre was swarming with police officers and detectives after the body of Fred Boote was found dead inside his home with a large stab wound in his back.

Investigators launched into a death investigation, executing a search warrant at Boote's home.

The search warrant shows there was evidence of a struggle and that someone had also tried to set a fire in the room where Boote's body was found.

People living here were stunned.

“I know the family, they're a wonderful family,” said Tara Zubey. “It's just, I can't imagine who would want to hurt them.”

One neighbor says Boote drove for Uber and gave her a ride once.

“I took an Uber ride with him last week,” said Cindy Cruishank. “And one of the nicest people, he was kind, he was helpful, great conversation, he was telling me stories.”

According to the search warrant, police were led to Boote after his dog was found wandering at the Turkey Hill on Carey Avenue.

“I was in my bedroom when I heard crying, I thought, oh no, this is not good, so I came out and the whole street was full of cars, police cars, the yellow tape,” said Cruishank.

Then officers along with state police were found searching at two apartment buildings on Maffett Street a few blocks away from Boote's home.

The people living here said they didn't know why police were there but Newswatch 16 was told a basement fire at one of these buildings prompted police to see if there is a connection to their death investigations.

One of the building was declared unfit for human habitation due to not having any smoke detectors.

“We just moved in, we just came from New York a couple days ago, just moved, one where to go,” said Demitar Dimitrov.

Police say the investigation into Boote's death continues here in Wilkes-Barre.

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